Into great? Then integrate.

With Thinkbox, you’ll build and engage your brand communities with the help of our experiential, social media and digital out-of-home advertising expertise. Recognized as one of Canada’s leading experiential marketing experts, we have evolved into a one-stop, full-service marketing agency, now offering our clients an integrated approach to reaching their target audience.

360 Degree Solution

As one of Canada’s leading marketing organizations, we have evolved into a 360 degree agency offering our clients an integrated approach to reaching their audience. Nationally spanned, targeted locally; we offer some of the world’s most prominent brands results generating solutions.

Power of Connection

We believe in the power of connection, and understand that relationships are built through positive and memorable experiences. Our experiential marketing campaigns are conceptualized to test the traditional boundaries of advertising, bringing to life a unique experience that creates buzz.

Proven Experience

Over the past 10 years we have evolved, specialized, and really put our best foot forward; Connecting People With Brands, Anywhere Anytime. Thinkbox National Marketing… There. You. Are.